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remember the time zayn was so happy because birds

but then they betrayed him

i reblog this every day i swear

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remember back when Louis and Harry used to tweet each other like husband &wife?

reblogging my first post on here cause relevant

more like husband and husband

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Everyone had to stay behind this barrier but harry picked her up and let her be on the side with the boys
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I could write a bloody rant about this gif #NotMine

Liam and Niall clapping together like adorable mofo puppies

Zayn clapping down because he has a hat and you can do whatever you want with that hat

Harry clapping like a freakin spanish woman

Louis clapping in his own direction because he is the real queen of England 

Reblogging solely for those comments

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Louis Tomlinson’s penalty at Charity football match x

I love soccer. Ugggh

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AU Meme: Harry as a boxer.

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Niall looking like sex in Spain.

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Regarding The Storm: This is my message to you

Let me start out saying this, we don’t know if “Mr.X” is really connected to the boys, but im not saying he isn’t. These days in the fandom you can never be to sure of anything. Be wary when reading things on this site and if you go on Omeage. Take Caution when writing about and telling others of Mr.X because if wrong information starts getting around it could break us. When the storm comes, if true, we will need to be solid. We need to stop putting eachother down for people we ship or other fandoms we’re in or anything. It is so important for us to have clear and cautious heads going into this. No matter what happens, what brought us together as a fandom is those five boys. We need to put aside differences, and calm down. It will all come together in due time. 

Just something to think about.

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The Latte Boy